Magnus Nordén majored in Swedish and Nordic Languages and has worked for more than ten years as a translator from English into Swedish. While living in London in 1997-99, he also freelanced as a research assistant for the BBC, a Swedish teacher for British Airways and an interviewer for ICL/Fujitsu. He has lived in the USA for a year. His main interests are history, philosophy, aesthetics, music and art, and he has written film reviews, debate articles and fiction. In recent years, he has resumed his passionate interest in drums, jazz and popular music, both in theory and practice.

Gabriella Berggren is half-English, half-Swedish. She is bilingual since childhood but translates mainly into English from Swedish. She grew up in Sweden, Canada, the USA and the UK. Apart from being a translator, she has worked for the British Council in Stockholm and the cultural section of the Swedish Embassy in London. She studied Art History in Stockholm and has also been active as a visual artist. She has more than 20 years’ experience as a professional translator and also writes poetry and essays. Her other areas of interest include dancing and riding.

Magnus and Gabriella collaborate in all their assignments.